More than ever, enterprises need help with managing their data. Whether it concerns a purely technical discipline or business and process challenges, Azuriens can revert to extensive experience and help you define a data strategy roadmap and provide support to reach your digital ambition.

The nature of today’s data demands a well-defined strategy – to be managed, harvested, understood, and analyzed. Without this playbook defining technical and business rules, your analytics efforts may become inefficient and underperforming.

Our specialties focus on the Azure Data Stack and services, whether it concerns analysis, development, or project management.

Synapse, DataFactory,
Databricks and Spark
PowerBI, expert DAX, and dashboards Azure DevOps and Infrastructure As Code Experts in Data Modeling and TSQL

Azure Data Platform Experts


After reviewing your organization’s readiness for advanced analytics, we will help you define a data strategy and roadmap, providing the right tools, approach, and support to achieve your goals.  This approach ensures a successful digital transformation staying clear of common pitfalls.


We can help build a modern Data Platform built on Azure cloud technology and ensure that it fully supports your data strategy in line with best practices for engineering. In addition, we use repeatable patterns to deliver on time, within budget, and meet all your requirements and goals.


We will not leave you hanging… Azuriens are known for their way of explaining the most complex technical disciplines, and agile principles.
Or look at our training courses, straight from real-life challenges, for professionals taught by professionals.

We are

Every solution design starts from an end-to-end study, where each separate part is equally important to the whole.
Our clear roadmaps are tuned to your digital ambition and individual data readiness.
We do not stop at the technical implementation; ROI is improved with an able team and a lasting.

Microsoft Fabric

This year’s Microsoft Build conference has brought us Fabric. It promises to unify Microsoft’s robust analytics tools in one end-to-end SAAS solution.


Microsoft Fabric is an all-in-one analytics solution that allows all enterprise data to be integrated and analyzed in real time. The platform provides business intelligence and data science workloads from one unified multi-purpose data lake.

The platform brings together new and existing services like Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Explorer into a single environment, available to business users as well as to data engineers who embrace the power of Spark, as well as to data warehouse professionals preferring to work in T-SQL. 

Are you interested in how Microsoft Fabric develops to be the next big thing in Advanced Analytics? Be sure to follow our dedicated Fabric blog!